What we believe

Each child is an individual with different interest and needs. Each child is a unique and special part of the whole classroom. A positive self-concept is the most valuable thing we can give a child. The aim of Adventure Learning is to provide your child the choices, opportunities and successes that will build the foundation of your child’s positive self-concept.

Some of the skills we will focus on developing and the ways we will explore them are listed below:

Fine Motor Development – An easel will be permanent part of the classroom, finger-painting, scissors, glue, crayons, markers, blocks and playdoh will all be available for your child to experiment and explore.

Gross Motor Development – The outdoor play yard will provide; swings, sand play, balls, climbing and lots of room to run. Indoors there will be music to dance too and other opportunities to use our large muscles, such as making letters and shapes with our bodies and large blocks to build with

Cognitive Development – A wide range of exciting topics will be explored from colors and shapes with three year olds to different countries with the five year olds. The children’s abilities and interest will guide the curriculum. Learning above all is fun and exciting!

Language Development – Reading stories, telling and sharing personal or imaginative stories will be an important part of our day. We will explore the letters and their wonderfully different sounds. We will find out how many ways there are to express our feelings and emotions, through music, songs, expressions and words.

Social Development – The children will be provided with time for independent play when needed and encouraged to explore the excitement of working cooperatively within a group. The children will be encouraged to be kind and gentle with their friends, respect each other’s rights and work out their problems with words, not hands.

Self Help Skills – The children will be allowed the time needed to accomplish simple tasks such as pouring juice, putting on their own coats, washing their hands and other skills needed to care for themselves. Being able to do things for themselves builds confidence and independence.

Adventure Learning will be a safe and secure environment for your child to play, learning and grow.

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